About Us

Our Work

What We Do:

  • Christmas gifts for local school children from financially challenged families who are identified by the school staff
  • Provide school supplies to local children from financially challenged families
  • Supply food to local food pantries
  • Prepare and serve hot meals for the working poor
  • Make and distribute family food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Make and distribute Easter baskets for over 400 local children
  • Provide short term food assistance in the form of grocery store gift cards
  • Give financial support to local organizations that supply aid to inner-city kids.
Did you know?

    1) Typically a homeless family consists of a single mother with 2 to 3 small children. 
    2) 30% of today's families are headed by a single parent. 
    3) 2/3 of the 10 million women with children in father-absent homes receive no child support. 
    4) Single women and their children make up 85% of the homeless in Bucks County. 
    5) The average age of a homeless person in the United States is 9 years old.
    6) 33 million people in the U.S. are hungry or food insecure.  Women and children make up 75% of that population.
    7) 1 in every 6 children lives in poverty.